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Arizona Horse Company always has a few quality horses for sale.

We only sell horses that are gentle, sound and sane. Most have been in our string for quite some time. Not all horses for sale are on this website so give us a call, We may have the perfect horse for you!

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Diamond Jack
phone/online bidding available
“Diamond Jack” 10 year old AQHA Palomino Gelding

15’2 hands Stout built.

Hollywood worthy good looks – “Diamond Jack” is as Gentle and Quiet as they come. He’s got a fancy handle, will lope off in the palm of your hand. Hits his leads every time, turn around, side pass etc. Solid out on the trail and goes where you point him. He’s confident alone or anywhere in the group. He’s been around all kinds of farm animals, four wheelers, traffic, roping arenas etc. Diamond Jack is a handy ranch horse too, he’s done all aspects of ranch work. Always stays kind and gentle, he walks right up to you in the pasture. He’s the whole package wrapped in that golden palomino color. This special gelding is also making an outstanding head horse. Scores rock solid with a big time move on the corner. Everyone that ropes on him loves him. Whatever you do with him- Western Dressage, Queen, Ranch, Rope, Trail ride, Family horse, Show him, He’ll make you look good.

Currently located in Wickenburg. He Sells May 15th, 2021 at Heber Valley Horse Sales in Heber City, UT. phone/online bidding available. Transportation can easily be arranged.

We’re happy to answer any questions or set up a time to try Diamond Jack! 435-333-7433
15’3 hands

15 years old.

This sweet gelding needs a kiddo!!! He is great on the trail and has a lot of arena training as well. A true “everyone can ride kind of horse”. He lopes off gentle, easy and knows his leads. Will side pass, neck rein, pivot. He’s carried flags, would be a great youth 4h, gymkhana or queen type horse.

This guy is such a sweet soul, amazing manners, personable and kind. I’ve used him for riding lessons too. No matter who rides him he always tries to please.

Cascade CR

2011 Gypsy Vanner Gelding

“Patch”is a prime example of why this breed is so special. He is naturally kind, gentle and loyal. He’s got all the training and life experiences to be the most reliable mount.

Rides beautifully is the arena, soft in the bridle and collects up nicely, lopes off easily on correct leads. Leg yields, sides passes, pivots etc. He’s great with flags, brave and bold through obstacles.

He will ride up any mountain you point him at. Really walks out nice and picks his way through rocks and downfall. Patch spent last summer with us in the Utah mountains and this winter in Arizona. Always saddles up gentle and stays broke even with time off. He aims to please, has a fun loving personality, and he just wants to be with you.

Patch is a hard to find larger sized Gypsy. He stands about 15’2 hands, and is stout built with plenty of feather. Can carry any size or level rider. He Clips, bathes and shoes easily. His grand sire is the legendary Gypsy stallion “The Lion King”. He’s registered with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society and Gypsy Horse Registry of America.

He is the horse so many dream about, here’s your opportunity to own him!

He sells May 16th 2020 at Heber Valley Horse Sales in Heber City, UT. Set up a time to try him out! He’s here in Wickenburg, AZ till May. Phone bidding is available!

LNS Cool Blue Snip
AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

11 years old

16 hands


Handsome AQHA Blue Roan gelding that’s as good looking as he is gentle. One of my favorite things about this horse is that I can always count on him. No matter how long he sits or what unexpected chaos arises, he’s always the same solid, gentle partner. He’s the one I pick to carry a flag through the parade, gather cattle all day, do an obstacle course, or take a simple trail ride. He is handy broke, neck reins, lopes around quiet and easy, pivots and has a big stop. He’ll side pass and work any gate. He’ll watch a cow and has done everything there is to do on the ranch. This winter we rode him all over Arizona on various trails. Isn’t bothered by trail chaos including Atv’s, hikers, bikes, dogs etc. He’s sound in every way, excellent ground manners, easy to catch anywhere, enjoys attention and hauls great. Gentle and SAFE! Blue roan color with a unique parcel blue eye.

We encourage you to come try this horse before the sale! He will be in Wickenburg AZ until May 12th.Phone bidding is available. Call us at (435)333-7433 or visit

8 years old

15’1 hands


This gelding is just a pleasure to be around. Easy going attitude, along with the athletic ability to do whatever you please. One hand neck rein, solid on the ranch, down the trail or in the arena. Natural athletic ability, does flying lead changes, been roped on a little. He’s a well rounded horse that’s just gentle and easy. McClintock is also a noticeably good looking guy to boot.

*This horse sells May 18th 2019 at Heber Valley Horse Sales in Heber City Utah. *He will not sell prior to the sale*

We encourage you to come try this horse before the sale! He will be in Wickenburg until May 12th.Phone bidding is available. FMI call us at (435)333-7433 or visit

Percheron Cross Gelding

7years old

15 hands


Dapple grey percheron cross gelding that’s a true all around family horse. Dozer has an incredibly gentle and kind natured personality.
He’s seen a variety of country. We’ve ridden him on trails in Arizona, the California coast on the beach and in the mountains of Utah and Montana. He is well broke, neck reins, lopes off quiet and easy on correct leads. Goes through all kinds of obstacles willingly. He’s been to Montana for hunting camp, packed out elk and hunters. We guided trail rides on him in Park City, so he’s seen plenty of bicycles, hikers, dogs, chair lifts, strollers and about everything imaginable.
Dozer is super stout, sound in every way and built to last. He’ll ride the same wherever you go, everyday of twice a year. Dozer is always happy to be caught, good to shoe, hauls great, and is in his prime.

Video coming soon!

*This horse sells May 18th 2019 at Heber Valley Horse Sales in Heber City Utah. *He will not sell prior to the sale*

We encourage you to come try this horse before the sale! He will be in Wickenburg AZ until May 12th.Phone bidding is available. FMI call us at (435)333-7433 or visit

8 yr old palomino gelding stands 14’3 hands. Lucky is such a kind natured horse, he’s suitable for about anyone! We’ve used this guy during the summer in Park City, UT. He’s been many miles through the mountains. We rode through bicycles, baby strollers, barking dogs, you name it. This winter we’ve rode him on many group trail rides and he always stays quiet. I’ve also used him for beginner riding lessons in the arena and he does great! He’s pushed cows, been around team roping and other chaos and doesn’t get surprised easily. Lucky has a lovely trot and will pick up his leads pretty good and lope a circle. Sound, Excellent ground manners, clips, bathes, trailers etc. Just a super sweet horse.
“Pinyon” 8 yr Grade Paint Gelding
This is a super Handy all-around Ranch horse everyone enjoys.
Pinyon has guided many trail rides all over Utah and Arizona. He is also a gritty ranch horse that doesn’t mind taking a jerk from an angry cow. Gets around good in rough country. Very cowy and fun to sort or rope on. He takes his leads nicely in the arena and has recently started roping the heel o matic. 15’1 hands.
Perfect Ace Bar “Ace” 8 yr old 16 hand gelding. Arena, trails, safe for young and older riders. Extremely well broke. Great family horse!
“Stranger” 6 yr old Draft Cross Gelding
If your looking for a Big, Tough Gelding to pick up Broncs, Rope Bulls or make big circles check this guy out!

He’s been used for everything from guiding trail rides, ranch roping, to gathering horses. Never offered to buck or be fresh. He has a nice handle on him, takes his leads in the arena, good stop.
Stranger is a Big boned draft cross but can still run and be quick on his feet. Not a spooky horse, guided trail rides this summer around bikes, banners, chair lifts etc. He’s currently in rope horse training, price may increase with training. 16 hands.

“Bandit” 9 yr old gelding 14.3 hands. Quiet, easy going guy. Rocking chair lope.
Double Silvertone SOLD
AQHA “Double Silvertone” 8 yrs old 15 hands 1200#
Here’s a pretty palomino you can’t miss! All around gentle and kind disposition. One hand neck rein, lopes around on correct leads smooth and easy. Pivots, side passes and has a nice stop.
We used him this fall in Park City guiding trail rides through the mountains. He’s sure footed, crosses timber, bridges and water easily.
He’s spent the winter with us in Arizona. Solid on the trail and over all kinds of obstacles. I’ve rode him on big group trail rides in different locations. Silverton has also done ranch work, carried flags in town and has 90 days professional rope horse training on the heel side. He’s built right, nice solid bone and foot on him, no blemishes anywhere.
Outstanding disposition, friendly, personable and easy to catch anywhere. Trailers great, loves to be clipped and groomed. shoes, ties, sound in every way. Use him for the whole family-hunting, roping, 4-h, queening.

Silverton will be available May 19th through the Heber Valley Horse Sale in Heber Utah. Your welcome to come try him out before the sale, he will be in Wickenburg AZ until May.
Contact Jane 435-333-7433.
Can’t attend the sale? No problem! You can easily get set up with a phone bid.

5 yr old 15’1 hand Crossbred Gelding

“Picasso” is flashy colored, super gentle and built to last with solid bone and foot on him(#2 shoe). Picasso is a smooth mover, He walks, trots and lopes with air ride suspension. My first pick to ride on trails or in the backcountry. He really walks out, is double tough, yet safe and kind natured.
Picasso has a broad resume and has been exposed to about everything. He spent the winter in Arizona pushing up cattle for roping practice, clearing back country trails, and participated in some big group rides. He’s pulled logs, easily crosses water, gets a gate and lopes pretty circles on a loose rein.
Picasso is a gentle and personable horse that gets compliments everywhere he goes.
Easy to catch, tie, load, clip, shoe etc.

Picasso will be available May 19th through the Heber Valley Horse Sale in Heber Utah. Your welcome to come try him out before the sale, he will be in Wickenburg AZ until May.
Contact Jane 435-333-7433.
Can’t attend the sale? No problem! You can easily get set up with a phone bid.

This gelding has that classic stocky quarter horse shape with that pretty grey color. He is very well broke, neck reins, lopes around smooth and easy. Great on trails, he’s used to this rough, rocky Arizona country. He’s got great foot and bone on him, he’s sound and built to last.

Gentle, easy going personality anyone can get along with.

15 hands 9 year old grade quarter horse gelding. $6500

Core Values

Arizona Horse Company’s stands by its core values: Integrity, Respect, Passion and Horsemanship.
We take the extra time to get to know each client’s wants and needs in a horse. Our horses have a history, and a resume. Every horse we sell is one that has been used in our business one way or another. Whether it be guiding trail rides, halter breaking colts, or moving cattle.

  • Integrity

    Every horse is different, every person is different. We are honest and upfront about all of our horses. Our number 1 priority is making sure you feel safe and comfortable with your horse.

  • Passion

    Everyone at Arizona Horse Company has one thing in common, Passion. We all have a passion for the horses. Whether it be riding, training or helping others discover their passion for horses. Our goal is to bring horses and people together.

  • Respect

    We respect that not every horse wants to be just a trail horse, or that some horses don’t have the athleticism to be great performance horses. If we don’t think the horse is a good match, we will tell you. Our horses are ridden in the arena, on trails and are exposed to everything imaginable. They are soft, willing and waiting for their next partnership.

  • Horsemanship

    It’s what makes GREAT horses. Our diverse team offer many opportunities to improve your own horsemanship through lessons and training.

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